Friday, September 24, 2010

HD Remakes

As many of you have surely noticed by now, one of the most hugely popular things to do in the gaming industry is  remake older games.  Even if the game only receives a 1:1 port to a new platform like XBLA, PSN, or WiiWare/Virtual Console, the exposure is massive, and the price is typically very cheap.

Other games are going the extra mile with HD remakes - remakes that completely revamp the graphics of the games and brings them into the "next gen".  We've seen Street Fighter 2 update the franchise with high definition sprites, and other games like God of War 1 and 2 on the PS3 received upscaled textures and a bump up to 60 FPS.  Now, we're seeing more and more developers hopping on the bandwagon, bringing more classic games back into light with fresh coats of paint.

Personally I couldn't be happier about this.  Throughout my life I've grown very attached to many games and franchises, and being a tech buff and lover of 1080p, it's exciting to get to play these classics over again.  When done right, the effect can be very nostalgic for older players, and just as captivating to newer ones.  Offered at lower price points, these games can be appealing to almost everyone, while introducing younger generations to titles they might otherwise never experience.


  1. yes old game i love em! and when they remake em nom nom , and for this gen to play also = win ,

  2. dont you think that they should try and release some new games though? i mean having remakes and newer versions is nice but what about something original?

  3. I enjoy old games exactly how they are. Usually something happens when they remake them other than graphically and I get disinterested quickly.

  4. Oh yeah, new IPs are great and I really encourage new and original ideas (El Shaddai, anyone?). I'm just saying, I love HD and I love some of the older games that are being remade, and wouldn't mind seeing more. It's true that many remakes can ruin the feeling of just playing the original game, but some devs are going the extra mile to make sure they're ported properly, not just as a rehash.